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A person can get an account only when assigned a role. If the role is deleted at some point, the account still exists, however, when logging in there will be no actions the person can take. When Assigning a role to someone, you need to enter the first initial and last name of the person. If no one with that profile has an account, the Add User form will be displayed. It is advisable that all users have an email address or text phone entered, since email and text communication is essential to a well managed league.

If one or more people fit the profile, you will need to decide if anyone matches the person you are giving a role to. Please try to avoid entering a person as a new user if they already have an account.

When a new user has been added, if an email or text phone has been supplied, an email and/or text message is automatically generated, sending the new user their new login name and initial, temporary password.

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